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Who we are

Meet the Family ❤️

Benedetta (the curly-headed) and Valeria (the one with bangs) are the Co-founders of Local Aromas. We are a family-run food and wine experiences company based in Italy. Since 2016, we share the stories behind Italian dishes, ingredients, and products through our cooking classes, wine tastings, olive oil tastings, food experiences, and online videos.


"We believe in bringing people together as a family by cooking, eating, drinking, and celebrating the genuine Italian lifestyle together"

We are Italians living in Italy, so when it comes to Italian food and traditions we know what we’re talking about! 😎

Not only are we locals, but at Local Aromas we are also wine sommeliers, olive oil sommeliers, professional cheese tasters, trained pastry chefs, beer experts, mixologists, tour guides, and home chefs.

That’s why you can trust Local Aromas, because we are 100% Made in Italy! 🇮🇹