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Free Water In Rome: Nasoni

Nasoni: Rome’s Magical Fountains of Free, Fresh Water!

Welcome to Rome, where history bubbles up not just in majestic monuments but also in the form of something as simple and refreshing as water! Yes, you heard that right—Rome is not just about the Colosseum, pizza, and gelato; it’s also home to the nasoni, the beloved drinking fountains that offer free, fresh water to all. Let’s dive into the sparkling world of Rome’s coolest (quite literally!) public amenities and why you should never walk around the Eternal City with a purchased bottle of water.

What’s a Nasone?

The term nasone, which translates to big nose, refers to the distinctive large spouts that arch like a nose from which water continuously flows.

Introduced in the late 19th century, the nasoni were originally designed to provide potable water to everyone, locals and wandering animals alike. Today, there are over 2,500 of these iconic fountains sprinkled throughout Rome, providing refreshing relief from the Mediterranean sun.

The best part? It’s all absolutely free, proving once again that the best things in life (or at least in Rome) are free.

A Fountain on Every Corner

Imagine strolling through sun-drenched piazzas, exploring cobblestone alleys, and then spotting a nasone, a welcome sight for any thirsty traveler! These fountains are strategically placed in both bustling squares and tucked-away corners. Their constant flow of water is not just for drinking; they also help keep the city’s temperature cool and provide relief for Rome’s many four-legged inhabitants.

A Fountain of Health

You might wonder, Can I really drink from these? Absolutely! The water comes from the same source that feeds into local homes – ancient aqueducts that have been quenching Rome’s thirst since the days of gladiators. It’s cool, crisp, and arguably tastier than what you’d find in a plastic bottle. Plus, it’s eco-friendly. Ditch the disposables and fill up your reusable water bottle directly from a nasone.

Tips for Drinking Like a Local

Drinking from a nasone is an art form. While you could lean down and drink straight from the spout, there’s a more elegant way. Look for a tiny hole on top of the spout, plug the main faucet with your hand, and watch as the water arcs gracefully from the hole, creating a perfect stream to drink from directly. It’s the Roman version of a water cooler chat spot!

Next time you wander through the Eternal City, pause and take a drink from one of its friendly nasoni. Not only will you quench your thirst, but you’ll also connect with a tradition that has refreshed millions. The nasoni are more than just fountains; they are a symbol of Rome’s enduring hospitality and ingenious approach to public service.